Well that was unexpected...

When I made and posted my RIPmotion video a few weeks ago I was hoping I would get a handful of people to try it and maybe one or two nuggets of feedback that I would find helpful.

Instead what I got was completely overwhelming.

I spent several hours one night just compiling all of the interesting bits. I got all kinds of great personal testimony which both highlighted areas I needed to focus on as well as encouraged me that I was on the right path.

I was also offered MANY good ideas from people for which I am very thankful. I assure you that I tried out a vast majority of them and have even implemented a few of the ones I found to improve the experience.

Since then I've nearly completely rewritten RIPmotion and will have another demo, blog post and video very soon.

Before that though, I want to address some of the FAQ:

How is the sim-sickness?

Why put the tracking pucks on hips and not feet?

Are you going to release the code as an Asset?

Can you walk backwards?

Casual walking?


Isn't this kind of similar to WiiFit running?

Beyond everything RIPmotion, I also got the opportunity to virtually meet and have all kinds of interesting discussions with some great people. That sort of camaraderie and openness is what really make this community amazing.

In doing so, I've compiled some links to other people's interesting locomotion projects, talks and papers that I strongly suggest you check out.

Anyway, as already stated, thanks so much for the interest so far. I am very excited to keep trying to progress toward a world where we can comfortably move within VR.

P.S. I'd really like it if people stopped saying this is a much better solution than teleportation, because it's not. It's solving a different problem, which is trying to replicate real life locomotion.

Just because teleportation is not a perfect simulation of reality doesn't mean it doesn't hold a worthwhile position in virtual reality. I would prefer to teleport in "real" life for sure so certainly would like the opportunity to use it while in VR.

In fact, there's no reason the two methods can't be used in conjunctions for different purposes within the same experience.