RIPmotion v.2.1

I spent a good part of Saturday cleaning up this code, messing with v.3 and doing some experimentation.

I wanted to make sure it would actually work for the game I originally started designing it for, so I dropped it into Score! and gave it a shot. Overall I am very happy with how it works. It seems the scale of some things needs to change (so that you are sprinting just a bit farther than you are now), but that has always been in mind.

Last week I saw this post on reddit about using ramps for vertical travel in roomscale VR and it got me thinking.

Would this work while running in place?

Rather than building up an environment, I dropped it into the UFPS CleanScene example scene and quickly learned the following:

After that I needed to take a couple hours off.

Later on Sunday I also did a little experimentation with NewtonVR for a fun little orbital game I am working on, but without hand controllers it wasn't going to go very far so that's on the backburner for now.