One of my first VR experiments and when I realized how awesome room scale was going to be.

I had the hardware and the idea, but still being a little green to Unity I needed some help. Luckily I was able to find and follow Andy Moore's HoverCars in Unity tutorial to get the thing hovering, then used WiiBalanceWalker v0.4 to allow the balance board to emulate keystrokes.

Once everything was working I setup a large plane with a tiled pattern to cruise around on and found it to be very compelling. You could stop cruising around, physically hop off the board, walk around in your room scale area, then hop back on and cruise to another area of the space.

Jumps are NOT recommended.

I thought a couple small ramps would be fun, but it was a terrible idea. Insta-nausea.

Having to use an external application to interpret the balance board always really bothered me, and despite my best efforts, I couldn't find a way to do it in Unity without writing an entire plugin. Didn't seem like further investigation was a good use of time, and because implementation in anything would also require people having the hardware I decided to drop it there.

Fun demo, but not an ideal locomotion technique at this time. Maybe if there wasn't an actual physical board necessary, hmmm...